Have you ever considered that the result of a designer’s work can influence patterns of behaviour and shape people’s habits? Some solutions, like computer games, can be addictive. Others may increase anxiety and panic attacks. Others can inspire confidence and bring positive emotions.

Designers project an image of the future. There is more to design than meets the eye

I came across an interesting study on…

👀 Educated your eyes

There is such a thing as: “Educated your eyes” How to learn to see the invisible?

This concept is not covered, but I constantly meet it in the design community. Many designers are fond of other related creative professions, such as photography, painting, in order to…

I’m completely sure that every designer who works with mobile app design sooner or later asked yourself a question and type in Google search bar: How to create screenshots for Apple Store?

I also once was in a similar situation, until I decided to create a special article about my…


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