I remember perfectly the moment when I decided to move out of business analysis and fully immerse myself in the field of design. I simply stopped fighting with myself at one point and decided to do something that I really enjoyed and enjoyed doing. At that moment, my new beginning was Design. I completely changed the vector of my movement from numbers and analytics to research and pixels. I remember this time with great warmth and awe because from that moment I started doing things that really drove me and allowed me to absorb new knowledge like a sponge.


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👀 Educated your eyes

There is such a thing as: “Educated your eyes” How to learn to see the invisible?

This concept is not covered, but I constantly meet it in the design community. Many designers are fond of other related creative professions, such as photography, painting, in order to teach their eyes to look at the beautiful and creatively. There are many different ways to show your eyes the beautiful: to go to the museum, look at the exhibits of modern art and so on.

There are even a few scientific studies that confirm the fact that say that…

I’m completely sure that every designer who works with mobile app design sooner or later asked yourself a question and type in Google search bar: How to create screenshots for Apple Store?

I also once was in a similar situation, until I decided to create a special article about my experience in order to share with you my observations about this issue. I figured this out for a long time and there are many other articles on this subject. …

What to see in Barcelona? / unsplash.com

Bright and never ceasing to amaze Barcelona. Many articles have already been written on the query: “What to see in Barcelona?”.

But still I decided to write a few recommendations and insights for those who are just about to visit this amazing and hospitable city.
If you are as lazy as I am in terms of preparing for the upcoming trip, then this article will save you time searching for useful information.


  • I think that everyone has already heard about the maps.me application, but still I will remind you again about this useful application. In it, you can easily place…

Services such as Netflix, Spotify are already focused on a more user-friendly interface. And in the near future will be even more personalized.

What does Netflix already know about us, thanks to the user experience?

A study conducted by professor and author Barry Schwarz at Swarthmore College showed that too many options can lead to stress, anxiety and discontent. This is the most important factor on which the UX and UI of the user’s streaming journey on the Netflix content is built.

Psychologist Barry Schwartz is trying to expose the almost sacred sociocultural principle of Western societies freedom of choice…

Voice assistants are gaining popularity with every passing day

Big brands make huge investments in voice technology. Apple’s Siri, Google’s assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon Alexa all these are the ways that big market players want to live up to their future expectations.

Voice is a new mobile experience in which companies are fighting for their user without an interface. This is called Voice User Interface (abbreviated VUI).

Voice is a new mobile experience in which companies are fighting for their user without an interface.

It seems to me that this is an amazing transformation not only in design, but also in other areas where AI is used. A new…

The billionaire entrepreneur has a few tactics he uses to get the most out of every minute.

As co-founder and CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, and founder of The boring Company and Neuralink Elon Muck might just be one of the world’s busiest entrepreneurs. Here’s how he manages his day:

  1. He gets enough sleep. Even on insanely busy days, Musk sleeps 6 to 6,5 hours per night. He gets a boost from a few cups of coffee during the day.
  2. He keeps an extremely specific agenda. Musk schedules his day in 5-minute intervals and constantly optimizes it for efficiency.
  3. He has crazy productive meetings. Musk limits meetings to only parties that are 100% necessary. …

Web apps and websites of all kinds have dramatically improved thanks to frameworks that incorporate strong grid principles like bootstrap, foundation, skeleton, etc.

Responsive web design brings a new appreciation of the grid’s role in digital experiences. No longer can designers and developers build for a single screen. The multi-device landscape forces the creator to think in terms of dynamic grid systems instead of fixed width.

Digital design is still in its adolescence and grid usage is still young. Designers and developers should look to the past to bring digital design into the future. It has been over 500 years…

It is easier to explain difficult concepts to creative people through artwork than scientific terms. It has become extremely popular to illustrate the core of Atomic Design using the examples of atoms,molecules,bodies and so on. What if we dare to compare Atomic Design with music? And we use notes as a basis not the atoms.

This lil’ beauty is a BEAST

Every idea of making music starts with 7 notes. Any designer, the same as a musician, sharpens his tools much in advance before creating his unique masterpiece: listens to similar kinds of music, picks up scripts, chooses color palettes which correspond with the selected theme…

Творческим людям легче объяснять сложные понятия на примере творчества, а не научных понятий. Очень популярно стало объяснять суть Atomic Design на примере атомов, молекул, организма и так далее. А что если сравнить Atomic Design с музыкой? И за основу взять не атомы, а ноты.

This lil’ beauty is a BEAST

Каждая идея музыки начинается с 7-ми нот. Дизайнер, как музыкант, заранее готовится к созданию своего уникального произведения: слушает похожую по стилю музыку, подбирает шрифты, выбирает палитру цветов, которая соответствует выбранной тематике, определяется с жанром, настроением и так далее.

Из нот создаются аккорды. Дизайнер с помощью карандаша и бумаги создает прототип, расставляет аккорды по местам, делает пометки…


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