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Bright and never ceasing to amaze Barcelona. Many articles have already been written on the query: “What to see in Barcelona?”.

But still I decided to write a few recommendations and insights for those who are just about to visit this amazing and hospitable city.
If you are as lazy as I am in terms of preparing for the upcoming trip, then this article will save you time searching for useful information.

  • I think that everyone has already heard about the maps.me application, but still I will remind you again about this useful application. In it, you can easily place all the points on the map and use on the phone, even when you do not have mobile Internet. It’s already hard for me to imagine a journey without this indispensable pocket navigator.
  • To get from the airport El Prat — BCN to the city center (in our case, it was a metro station Passeig de Gràcia), then you will need to purchase a ticket. If you plan to be in Barcelona for at least 4 days, then I recommend that you buy a ticket that has the name T10 (cost about €10).
  • T10 is valid only for transport zone 1 (this is a rather large radius of action). Having bought such a ticket for two, you can easily use it for the whole family for 10 trips on any type of transport.
  • By the way, if you buy an ordinary one-way ticket, then it will cost you about 5 euros, that’s such math with the lack of sound logic.
  • Barcelona is a city that will make you slimmer, as in Barcelona you have to walk a lot. Your tracker on your hand can just go crazy on the number of kilometers traveled in the city. Therefore, comfortable sneakers, plasters, a cap and sunglasses are must-have things for fun.

Barcelona is a city that will make you slimmer, as in Barcelona you have to walk a lot.

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  • It is more profitable to eat in a supermarket or in a bazaar where local residents buy food. In principle, this situation occurs throughout Europe, but on the condition that if you have a kitchen in your apartment that you are upholding, or at least the opportunity to cook something. Hotels in this case lose and only add problems with finding places for food. For example, for the amount for which you can have dinner at a regular institution in the city, in the supermarket you can buy products for the whole week.
  • If you will be walking in the area of Plaza Catalunya and want to have lunch or dinner, then a fast and hearty lunch will be a trusted place — Vapiano (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 630). Everything is clear and simple: at the entrance, a card is taken, according to which, after eating, a bill is paid at the exit. Keep in mind that each card has a limit on the amount (about € 45)
  • If you are walking in the La Barcelonet area and want to have a quick sandwich snack, then I recommend you a place with a hearty lunch — Bo de B — Calle de la Fusteria, 14. The only drawback of this place can be only the queue that periodically forms on the street. But the 20 minutes spent in line were worth it. (More details here: http://bit.ly/2Uqxl7q)
  • If you want to enjoy local fruits and feel easy after dinner, then in the famous market La Bakeria You can buy chopped fruits. By the way, the same fruit set, only a larger portion, can be bought in small supermarkets.
  • Restaurants where you can try local cuisine and what local residents recommend: Baracca, Salamanca.
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  • Highly recommend visiting: Sagrada Familia (Carrer de Mallorca, 401). Tickets can be bought in advance using the app. Tiqets
  • Recommended time to visit Sagrada Familia — 16:00.
  • Park Güell. Tickets on the official website or using again through the app Tiqets Please note that when buying tickets for Park Güell, the price will include free travel to both stolrons from the nearest metro station. All information will be in pdf, which you will receive by mail after paying for the tickets.
  • It is not necessary to print tickets on paper in the modern world and thereby pollute the environment, so all tickets can be scanned without problems using a mobile phone at the entrance to all the sights of the city. The main thing is that the phone is charged.
  • Aquarium of Barcelona (L’Aquàrium de Barcelona)— tickets can be bought on site. An interesting and fascinating place to watch sharks and have a good time. It will be especially interesting for children to see the underwater world.
  • Gothic Quarter
  • Barcelona Cathedral — an amazing place with the atmosphere of the city to the sounds of Spanish motifs
  • Сatalonia square
  • Square of Spain. You can climb the roof with an elevator or escalator inside the shopping center and see the city with a 360-degree view.
  • Boqueria Market (Mercat de la Boqueria) — great places for a gastro visit. There is a great place with amazing seafood, which is prepared at guests- Kiosko Universal. A glass of sangria for a good mood is recommended.

All a great stay!

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