The purpose of the critique is to improve the design, not just to evaluate it.

The other day I came across an article about design critique, in particular why it is useful to get feedback from the team and why it is important to learn how to present design competently to the client and colleagues. …

What is UX Research?


The power of prototyping: why prototypes?

A prototype is a tool for visually demonstrating to the client and the team how all the elements and modules of a project will work together, how users will interact with a website, application or product.

Designers project an image of the future. There is more to design than meets the eye

I came across an interesting study on how poor product design and ignoring the basic rules of good design have negative consequences. I will share what I think are some of the most interesting examples.

Photo by Loui 🐕

What to see in Barcelona? /


  • I think that everyone has already heard about the application, but still I will remind you again about this useful application. In it, you can easily place…


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