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👀 Educated your eyes

There is such a thing as: “Educated your eyes” How to learn to see the invisible?

This concept is not covered, but I constantly meet it in the design community. Many designers are fond of other related creative professions, such as photography, painting, in order to teach their eyes to look at the beautiful and creatively. There are many different ways to show your eyes the beautiful: to go to the museum, look at the exhibits of modern art and so on.

There are even a few scientific studies that confirm the fact that say that even when a person looks at flowers, our brain learns. even if it seems to you that you are not doing anything, you still get valuable information.

If we conclude from this information in one sentence, then it looks like this: “If you want to create beauty, then you must surround yourself with this beauty”.

Even simple little things, like a cup from which we drink tea, a plate from which we eat, what food we eat, how we look at nature — all this educates our eyes to the sense of beauty and creates our inner creative reserve.

Show the beauty and details with which you surround yourself and educating your eyes?

Where do you get your inspiration from?

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